As soon as a learner logs in they see their dashboard:

There are three columns:

  • TRAINING DUE (in the next ‘x’ number of days)

One click on any training title and the learner is in a course and, once there, they can:

  • Book or request attendance on a face-to-face course
  • Launch an e-learning module
  • Take a test
  • Leave feedback
  • Download a certificate or other documentation
face to face course booking confirmation

Face-to-Face course booking confirmation





Also available one click from the dashboard are the

  • Course catalogue
  • Student accreditation / training activity report
  • Manager or company reports, if these have been assigned

The dashboard is one key reason why Traineasy LMS is so easy to use. To see for yourself call 01908 508777 or email and book a no obligation demonstration.