The Traineasy LMS enrolment function is the best in the business. It allows you to create an unlimited number of training mappings quickly and easily. Whether you are assigning sets of courses to groups, or groups of users to a piece of training, it doesn’t matter – Traineasy LMS handles it all.






As well as group enrolments, you can create personalised mappings for individuals.
Personalised mappings can be used to give:

    • Access to training outside of a standard set of courses
    • A site-wide role such as ‘Administrator’ so a person can manage the system
    • Reporting capabilities, whether for a team, a department, division or the whole business, it’s all possible

Sounds clever? It is! Plus it is very easy to use. Simply and click-by-click, you can configure and maintain your own group and individual:

    • certifications
    • training enrolments
    • site wide roles
    • reporting capabilities

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