Traineasy LMS is built around the open source program Moodle, which is in use around the world as a tool for creating learning management systems primarily in the university sector.

Moodle is actually a long-running,  international project involving the collaboration of a large number of open source developers. Moodle is therefore extremely well supported and maintained enabling Traineasy LMS to incorporate it and make use of its tools for delivering and tracking training.

When incorporated with Traineasy LMS, Moodle becomes “corporate sector friendly”, its tools work seamlessly and Traineasy LMS adds the functionality needed by businesses. This includes:

  • intuitive tools for mapping training enrolments, compliance rules and reporting at all levels within the business
  • reporting, for example on compliance standards
  • a user-friendly interface

There are several other benefits to incorporating Moodle with Traineasy LMS:

  • Moodle has features that allow Traineasy LMS to scale to very large deployments, as many of our customers will testify. However, it is also perfect for smaller organisations needing an LMS to deliver and track content to smaller numbers of staff.
Traineasy LMS for small to global solutions

Traineasy LMS for small to global solutions








  • Moodle allows Traineasy LMS customers to deploy either just e-learning or e-learning plus face-to-face course booking capability (blended learning).
  • Traineasy LMS uses the very effective Moodle quiz engine, plus its evaluation form and certificate module
  • Moodle provides Traineasy LMS with optional activity modules such as forums, databases and wikis which can be used to build collaborative communities of learning around their subject matter

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