Whatever the size and nature of your business, and whether your reporting structure is flat or functional, Traineasy LMS has a very strong reporting system, allowing you to produce reports at both the macro and micro level.

Any user of the system can be given reporting capability, whether a manager of a team who needs staff reports, or the head of a division orĀ  region who needs to see reporting for their area only.

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Whole company reporting can also be enabled for anyone who needs it, inlcuding admin staff, if reporting is part of their job function.


Fundamental to the ability of Traineasy LMS to produce accurate reports is the quality of the user data held in the system.

We place greate emphasis at the beginning of every project, therefore, on understanding your organisational structure as well as how you need to report.

As a result, the user data is entered into the system in a way that facilitates reporting that is both meaningful and accurate.

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For more information or for a demonstration of Traineasy LMS, please call 01908 508777 or email enquiries@traineasy.com