This section of the Traineasy LMS website provides more information about the LMS programs we have written in-house at Traineasy, that build in the power and flexibility that you won’t find anywhere else. It is these programs that allow you to:

Create ‘Certifications’, such as ‘Fire Safety’, where training must be passed and retaken on a cycle

¬†Create ‘Training Programmes’ such as ‘Induction’, where several courses must be passed before the programme is complete

Set initial first time completion ‘Grace Periods’ so learners know training is due, but have a few weeks’ grace to take it for the first time

Create e-mail reminders to go to learners, their managers and/or a central L&D email account. These can generated at intervals right up until the training due date

  • Map training courses and/or programmes to users according to their demographic profiles

  • Create and modify personalised training mappings

  • Give reporting capabilities to managers, or to those needing to create reports for departments, divisions, or the whole business…

…and much more!

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